Sunday’s Bike Tour

Registration for Sunday’s Bike Tour ride is on our BIKEREG site.  The tour — with some routes exploring Indiana but all taking you back in time — will take place on Sunday Sept. 19, 2021 starting and ending on the grounds of the charming Vicksburg Historic Village.  All will include glimpses of the wonderful Vicksburg Quilt Barns. The tour is supported with maps, SAG stops & snacks, clearly marked routes and a great meal awaits at the end! PLEASE NOTE: Our first-ever “Multi-Charity Bikeathon*” on the morning of Saturday Sept. 18 is described on another page. This page is reserved for SUNDAY’s Bike Tour.

Online Ride Registration* 

Super Early-Bird (until December 31, 2020): Half Off On-site Registration
Early-Bird (January 1-May 31): $25 Individual; $45 Family
Advance (June 1 – August 31): $27.50 Individual; $50 Family
Last-Minute Online (September 1-14): $30 Individual; $55 Family
On site Registration (Sunday Sept 19): $40 Individual; $70 Family

SUNDAY DAY-OF RIDE REGISTRATION. Update June 1, 2021. We are not ruling out day-of ride registration. However, the logistics of staffing for food and beverage firms so far this year — coupled with our desire to let you to pick your choice of three delicious meals and with the need to plan so many meals in advance — on-line registration is strongly encouraged. If we do allow day-of registration we will will ask you pay in cash and have “exact change” for the registration on ride day. We may take personal checks and credit cards as well. IF we allow day-of ride registration — you will be able to register to ride a specific route up until 20 minutes before the suggested LAST start time for that specific route. Once staffing and public health concerns go back to normal we may be more flexible.


ROUTES. All routes start/finish at Vicksburg Historic Village in Vicksburg, MI; others will use SAG Stops 1, 2 and 3 as noted. Please see other details on the Routes page. Emergency numbers will be printed on the maps. To reduce crowding, please depart within a window 30 minutes before and no later than your latest start time, below.

  • Shipshewana Century (103 miles; latest start: 8:15am; SAGs 1, 2 & 3)
  • Shipshewana “Hybrid” Imperial-Metric (83 miles; latest start: 9am; SAGs 1 & 2)
  • Covered Bridge Metric Century (62 miles; latest start: 10am; SAG 2)
  • Half Century Imperial and Metric “mix ‘n’ match” combo possibilities (up to you!)
  • Climax (38 miles; latest start: 10:30am; SAG 3)
  • Scotts Mill Park (25 miles; latest start: 11:30am; SAG 3)
  • Vicksburg Quilt Trail North & South Loops (17-ish miles each; latest start: noon)
  • Vicksburg Recreational Trail (4-5 miles; latest start: 3pm)

SAG STOP OPENING/CLOSING – Please plan accordingly
1. Shipshewana routes: Lions Club Pavilion in Shipshewana – N735 W; 9:45am – 12:45pm
2. Centreville: Adams Park- 8:30am – 2:00pm
3. Scotts Mill Park (Kalamazoo County): 8:30am – 4:00pm

DAY OF RIDE PARKING and BIKE PROTOCOL  To reduce the number of people on the grounds of the Historic Village at any one time, please leave your bikes in your vehicles before and after the ride.  Try to limit bringing them on the grounds as much as possible. Walk to the registration area.  Observe your start windows, below.

Shipshewana 103, 83 and Covered Bridge 62 Routes: Park in the two paved lots directly to the west across the road from the Historic Village (Trust Shield Insurance and the little park on either side of the the intersection of Richardson St. and North St.  Your start and finish will be right from this

All Other Routes: Park as directed on or elsewhere near the grounds of the Historic Village.

We will have volunteers directing traffic on the day of the ride. Please enter the Historic Village grounds on foot whenever possible.

Within our last start and closing time parameters, feel free to combine more than one route to fit your mileage goals to build the perfect day. For example, Climax+Vicksburg Quilt Trail South Loop=54 miles. Vicksburg Quilt Trail North+South=33 miles (53 km). (See Bike Tour Routes page for start times and more information on the many wonderful journeys we have in store, and the Schedule page for featured attractions the whole weekend.

T-SHIRT SALES – T-Shirts are available for on-line purchase through Sept. 10 at noon on BikeReg. This sweet design was lovingly created just for our inaugural Fall Bike Celebration. Our online price* will increase by at least $5 if we offer them on the day of the ride, with slightly higher prices for some of the largest sizes. Yes, our supplier and therefore we have been hit by price increases. Very limited quantities MAY be available on Ride day. In any event, we suggest ordering yours by Sept 10, or face the consequences of serious regret and jealous emotion as you behold those who planned in advance and purchased them online and can pick them on ride day. This illustration is from 2019 and will be updated to reflect the current color soon.

No, we are not giving them away since every dollar we are lucky enough to clear over our expenses for this shindig is going straight to worthy 501(c)3 charitable causes. No, they will look normal and not like this stretched out image of nightshirts. Grrr. We appreciate your support! And yes, the Sponsors side will be updated. 🙂

We MAY offer to take T-Shirt orders on Ride Day, for later local pickup plus a nominal handling fee since they must be individually bagged and stored.

If you register online in advance you can skip the crowds and pick up your registration packets in Vicksburg on Saturday (see the Schedule for updated time and location). Of course, we aren’t going to throw yours away if you don’t pick them up on Saturday, so you can pick them up at the Ride registration table at the Vicksburg Historic Village. What’s not picked up will be donated. We won’t overthink it here. Don’t want to be accused of being wordy. Or verbose. Or of writing ungrammatically short sentences. Just. For. Emphasis.

You’ll get an email about Advance Pre-Registration Packet Pickup if you register in advance. You can ask us why we didn’t just say that in the first place when you see “us.”

On event day the registration desk will open at Vicksburg Historic Village starting at 7:30am. Who knows what will happen if you are running really late and make a scene. Check out the Route page for descriptions of all the fantastic options and the Schedule page for many of the compelling reasons why we are so fired up about BFK’s Fall Bike Celebration. P.S. Someone must have been to a business seminar, if that someone is throwing around phrases like “compelling reasons,” huh?

Registered participants will be emailed more information, tips on lodging, etc., in plenty of time before this gala bike-fest of a weekend rolls out. We ask riders to observe the start time windows for their routes to avoid crowding.

WAIVERS & CANCELLATIONS. *Online registration for SUNDAY’S BIKE TOUR is now open through September 14 at BikeReg. Liability waivers must be completed in order to participate in the Ride and all of its routes. Your fees will support many worthy community and bicycling causes. This is a rain or shine fundraising event and all sales are final unless we need to cancel the Ride entirely for unforeseen reasons. We are offering lots of options during BikeReg’s registration process in case we have to completely cancel (say, due to COVID-19 or other extreme situation). You can register with confidence knowing you may choose between four options in case BFK must cancel the Ride: 1) refund (less non-refundable fees); 2) transfer of registration to our Ride in 2021; 3) charitable donation of registration fees (less non-refundable fees); 4) Flexible solo/family/trusted circle Ride with meal card(s) and maps provided by BFK. With an event as compact as ours – and with so many routes and starting times – we are optimistic. As of now we will be able to offer a delicious ice cream cone and meal card(s) and a map to those opting for the “solo/family/trusted circle/virtual” cancellation option. Those choosing this option understand that routes may or may not be marked at the time you choose to ride, and that no SAG support will be provided by BFK. Bike Friendly Kalamazoo is an IRS registered 501(c)3 Michigan nonprofit; your Event fees will be deductible to the fullest extent of the law. T-Shirts must be picked up on Ride Day; we can’t afford to ship them for these prices or store them after the day of the ride.

Please help us fight hunger in children by bringing a jar of peanut butter to donate.

We are partnering with Generous Hands (allied with Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes) to serve as a food drive collection point. See below for more on the community based spirit of this great weekend.

Your donations to Generous Hands will help those in need!

SUPPORT FOR CHARITIES MADE POSSIBLE BY SUNDAY’S BIKE TOUR. Bike Friendly Kalamazoo is a 501(c)3 IRS registered public charity and a Michigan nonprofit corporation. We are a community-based coalition of many riding groups and allied civic organizations. Your support and participation in this event will also help feed kids that might otherwise go hungry through Generous Hands (a partner with Loaves and Fishes), and provide services to veterans, seniors and the disabled through South County Community Services.  This event is also one of the most public ways that Bike Friendly Kalamazoo can raise funds to boost its bike safety, education and awareness building programs, not to mention the very concrete goal of increasing interest and participation in riding bikes…for bicyclists and cyclists of virtually all ages and abilities!

Attention all SUNDAY BIKE TOUR riders…and all BIKE TOUR riders belonging to incorporated 501c3 clubs.
– Our Fall Bike Celebration BIKE TOUR is participating in LMB’s $1/rider program.
– BFK believes that healthy riding clubs make for more bike friendly communities, which is why we started BFK’s “Great Clubs, Great Riders” $1 Back-2-Clubs program. Meaning, we are ALSO pledging to donate $1 back to clubs, per each club member* who declares their membership at our registration desk! This means $100 back to your club for every 100 members who have registered and show up to ride. Hey, it can’t hurt, right? (*One club per rider; 501c3 incorporated riding clubs; our decisions “final”; our lawyers happy?; our CPA-who knows; our mission-fulfilled; our president-thrilled! Click here for additional important details, limitations, etc.).

REPEAT OF REGISTRATION INFO PLUS FINE PRINT. BikeReg adds a service fee to online purchases. As this event is a fundraiser for charitable causes, we are kindly asking you to consider the added security that BikeReg offers plus the fact that if BFK “absorbed” this fee for you, it would reduce the amount we could put toward our mission. Thanks for understanding!

Signing up for the Fall Bike Celebration SUNDAY BIKE TOUR is easy. Register or donate online through September 14, 5pm at BikeReg. BikeReg’s secure site handles all payment information, not BFK. Want to pick up your packet early to beat the rush? Please see the Schedule page for pre-registration packet pick up details.

HEALTH CONSIDERATIONS. BFK also cares about your health!  Signing up for our Fall Bike Celebration is optional but our need for smart safe practices is not.  We will be asking everyone to follow current USA Cycling’s recommended COVID-19 Coronavirus precautions and government mandates to protect others as well as yourself; BFK will be doing the same. The following information is from 2020 and is subject to change without notice.

Please help us to make the Fall Bike Celebration a safe success.

  • All participants, spectators and staff are kindly asked to wear your own mask whenever possible, actively observe good physical distancing and practice good hand hygiene.
  • If you are sick, please stay home.
  • We will have some masks, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes available.  Quantities of certain items (like masks) will be limited.
  • As a Michigan non-profit organization we will comply with Michigan’s and local health orders.  Click here to see USA Cycling’s excellent COVID-19 resources.

We appreciate your participation, patience and good humor.  We truly are all in this together.

Plus, make sure you use a DEET based mosquito repellent when enjoying yourself outside — especially around the hours of dawn and dusk.  (We’re told this is a good practice anytime you are exposed to such risks for more than about 15 minutes.)

We like this image.